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The Extra Lesson is an assessment and intervention program originally developed by Audrey McAllen in the UK, to help children with difficulties in learning, development, and behaviour.  It is based on the holistic developmental perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of education.

Which children/adolescents can benefit from Extra Lesson work?

• Those diagnosed as ADD, ADHD, Dyspraxic, Dyslexic, an Auditory Processing Difficulty or as Gifted and underachieving
• Performing below age level academically, or in others areas appears to be bright
• Avoiding reading and handwriting tasks
• Difficulty with social relationships
• Easily frustrated or blames others, anger attacks or outbursts
• Awkward or tight pencil grip, poor handwriting
• Skips lines when reading, loses place,
• Reversals in handwriting/reading or reversals persisted longer than peers
• Easily distracted, short attention span
• Behaviour problems at home and/or school
• Disorganised and/or loses things
• Clumsy or accident prone
• Poor balance, lack of co-ordination, low muscle tone, car sick as youngster
• Difficulty remembering or following instructions
• Appears not to listen (no hearing problems), needs things repeated, difficulty with phonetics
• Over emotional or hypersensitive, mood swings
• Low self esteem
• Confuses signs in maths
• Ambidexterous or mixed dominance for different tasks
• Difficulty learning or performing new task

We look forward to helping you and your child. Call 905-597-7201 to arrange an Extra Lesson assessment and program.

Extra Lesson assessments and exercises are conducted by Ms. Yasmeen Mamdani B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. (current study).  Combined naturopathic medical care helps determine and resolve other impediments to learning and behaviour.

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