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Couples Pre-conception Counselling and Cleanse

In planning for pregnancy, it is important for the couple to learn about the benefits of strengthening their health before actually conceiving. More and more studies are demonstrating the role of pre-natal health as having a direct role in the state of health of the coming fetus, infant, child and even the future adult’s health. In our Couples Pre-conception Counseling services, the naturopathic doctor reviews the different aspects of health of the couple and their environment:

  • physical health (eg: nutrition, thyroid, liver, digestive)
  • dietary habits
  • family history / genetics
  • mental-emotional health
  • toxicity status (eg: test for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, plastics, etc.)
  • state of the home (chemicals in and around the home and office)

The Couples Pre-conception Counseling services are ideally started at the moment the couple has decided to have a child. These services are the preparatory phase for the couple before they attempt to conceive. Once the underlying health determinants are highlighted and addressed in the couple, a Couples Cleanse is a customized detoxification program for the couple. The cleanse portion is fundamental to clear the excess toxins in the couples’ body, while ensuring their nutrition and diet is optimal, to enable the developing child to have a clean developmental start to life. This whole process takes between three to twelve months depending on the state of health of the adults and the state of their home environment. It is an approach suited to every prospective parent and can be incorporated in a variety of states of fertility and approaches to pregnancy (eg: pre-IUI, pre-IVF, surrogate pregnancy, etc.)

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