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Cleanse & Detox Program

Cleanse & Detox Program

Toxins are chemicals that are damaging to our body and are found in our air, water, food, consumer and commercial goods, building structures, and from industrial processes.  Millions of pounds of wastes are released into the air and water environments by Canadian industries each year.  Unfortunately, these released toxins are found in every living creature including humans.  We all carry toxins, and this ‘toxic burden’ can negatively affect our energy, metabolism, nerve and hormonal and reproductive systems of the body.  Toxic exposures are also associated with increased risk for cancers, infertility, auto-immune illnesses, etc. This program is useful for all people whether they have illness, unexplained symptoms, or want to prevent illness and symptoms.

Step One – Test for toxicity and nutrition.  This may include urine or hair or blood tests.  By knowing the specific toxins you have, a more specific treatment can be done, and the sources of these toxins can be more easily identified and eliminated.

Step Two – Eliminate the sources of toxicity.  This is a primary principle in detoxification treatment.  This will dramatically reduce the levels of ongoing toxin exposures that are entering your body every day.

Step Three – Open the Gates!  Make sure that the digestive tract (small intestine and colon), liver, and gallbladder are clear and functioning.  A congested liver sends irritating toxins into the digestive tract through the gallbladder; and a toxic digestive tract sends toxins back to the liver, so it is important to clear the liver and the small and large intestines.  This may involve using acupuncture, dietary modification, and colon hydrotherapy (‘colonics’).

Step Four – Correct Nutritional Deficiencies.  The body can only rid toxins if there are enough nutrients for your liver and body to process them.  Dietary change and nutritional supplements are important here, and would include oral and possibly nutrient injections.

Step Five – Strengthen and Support the Organs of Elimination.  That is, strengthen the liver, lymphatic system, lung, intestinal, kidney, and skin systems.  By supporting these organs, they will be able to rid the body’s toxic residues more effectively.  This step may involve using lifestyle changes, nutritional supplementation, homeopathy, and herbal medicines.  Sometimes, this may involve rotating through a ‘liver cleanse’ phase, and ‘colon cleanse’ phase, ‘kidney cleanse,’ etc.  The far-infrared sauna can be very helpful as well (known in Japan as ‘Waon’ therapy) to take a burden off the kidney and liver, promoting overall circulation and also clearing toxins through the skin.

Step Six – Mend the Mind of its Toxicities.  Another important organ is your mind!  Mind-body counseling sessions, homeopathy, and oil-dispersion treatments may be important to get to the heart of some deep-seated, recurrent and restrictive mental thoughts, and emotional imbalances that may be blocking your physical and mental-emotional health progress overall.

Step Seven – Monitor, Retest, and Maintenance.  It’s important to monitor your progress in case changes need to be made to your program to make it more effective.  Also, retesting will ensure the program is working for you, and to know when the problem(s) are resolved.  Regular cleansing is then recommended to keep your system running clear all year long.

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