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Weight & Metabolism Program

Weight & Metabolism Program

By optimizing your inherent metabolism, this program goes beyond the regular low-calorie weight loss programs.  In addition, we integrate addressing some of the core emotional connections that lead to impulsive habits.  We also work to support any weak organs, correct nutritional deficiencies, and remove chemical toxicities that can hinder our regular metabolic functions, thereby allowing the body to function optimally,  in support of a healthy weight and body fat composition.

Lifestyle counseling is also provided to help with stress management, and to put appropriate exercises in place.

The Healthy Weight & Metabolic Support Program offered at Four Seasons Naturopathic Wellness:

Step One – Find out more about your problem with a detailed naturopathic consultation focusing on your weight concerns, and related systems of the body including your digestion and appetite, mental-emotional status, stress levels and effects, toxic exposures, and hormonal health (eg: thyroid, adrenal, etc.).  Appropriate tests to determine metabolic-type and which foods optimize the metabolism will be suggested.  A naturopathic physical exam will complete this step, including finding baseline measurements and percent body fat determination.

Step Two – Resolve Nutritional Deficiencies

Step Three – Remove Toxic Substances from the Body, and the Diet and Environment (ie, Cleanse / Detoxify)

Step Four – Support Weak Organs (eg: thyroid, digestion)

Step Five – Incorporate A Food Plan that Optimizes your Individual Metabolic Type

Step Six – Support the Mind and Body with Healthy Perspectives on Stress and Body Image, and Promote Mental-Emotional Balance

Monitoring progress on a weekly basis and addressing pitfalls is fundamental to ensure a successful outcome.

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