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Allergies & Asthma

Allergies and Asthma

These two problems can occur individually or in combination.  Both have a relationship to your immune system. However, several factors influence your immune system and this is where individual expressions of symptoms and sensitivities arise.  This is where naturopathic medicine does so well since we recognize the constellation of influences on your immune system and overall health.  For example, some find that their asthma is strongly associated with their emotional state; others find it relates to exercise or their weight; yet others find it relates to allergens and particles in the air.  A large area of influence is the state of your digestive tract, since the organisms that live there can send messages to your immune system.  Another fundamental influence is your nutritional state since certain vitamins and minerals are required for normal immune function.

Importance of Asthma Resolution, for All Ages

When people have asthma, even as a child, it increases your future risk of heart disease.  For example, researchers from Harvard and Tulane universities concluded that when assessing adults who had asthma as a child, they had larger hearts (risk for future heart failure) and higher blood pressure. If asthma began during adulthood, the cardiovascular implications are typically stronger, with a 60% increased chance of heart disease.

Naturopathic Approach to Asthma and Allergy

An in-depth consultation, examination and testing will help identify your particular sensitivities to your individual form of asthma and or allergies.  In some cases its simple changes that lead to a large improvement…for others there may be several areas that have to be addressed such as: diet, nutritional deficiencies, organ weakness, toxicity, lifestyle, spinal alignment, your environment.  Herbal, homeopathic, or acupuncture treatment may be effective adjuncts to promote improvement.

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