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Recipe for Sun Tea

One way to squeeze the most out of your summer garden is to make sun tea:
1. Start with a well-cleaned glass container with a lid.
2. Pick and lightly rinse the herbs of your choice – some good options are mint leaf, raspberry leaf, and lemon balm leaf (more on these herbs below).
3. Place the leaves in the glass jar and fill with filtered water, cover with the lid.  Be generous with the amount of herbs you use.  To make the brew stronger, first gently crush or break the leaves apart first.
4. Leave exposed to the sun’s rays for 3-4 hours, and you’ll have a flavourful, sun-drenched tea.
5. Strain out the herbs, add some ice and a wedge of lemon or lime and enjoy.  You’ll feel like you’re sipping sunshine!
Note: it’s best to refrigerate any extras, and discard within about eight hours.  Avoid drinking if the tea appears thick or syrupy.
Learn more about the herbs:
  • Mint leaf – has a cooling and refreshing effect, helps improve alertness, and is an excellent digestive aid
  • Lemon Balm leaf – helps calm nervousness, supports digestion, and has anti-viral effects
  • Raspberry leaf – contains valuable nutrients including vitamins C and E, as well as calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron; helpful on sore throats, mild diarrhea, also has a cooling effect (in case you are wondering, it doesn’t taste like raspberries)
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