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Weight & Metabolism Program

Weight & Metabolism Program

By optimizing your inherent metabolism, this program goes beyond the regular low-calorie weight loss programs.  In addition, we integrate addressing stress, poor sleep patterns, along with some of the core emotional connections that lead to impulsive habits.  We also work to support any weak organs, correct nutritional deficiencies, and remove chemical toxicities that can hinder our regular metabolic functions, thereby allowing the body to function optimally, in support of a healthy weight and body fat composition.


Lifestyle counseling is also provided to help facilitate effective sleep routines, stress management, and to put appropriate exercises in place.


Treatment Principles:


Step One – Resolve Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Optimize nutrient levels to allow your metabolism to work
  • This often improves energy and stamina – necessary factors for a successful weight management program


Step Two – Support Weak Organs (eg: thyroid, digestion, pancreas, adrenal)

  • Without proper digestive function and hormone balance, your metabolism will not be able to work for you.
  • Herbal, homeopathic, and acupuncture supports are used to benefit your weak organ functions.


Step Three – Remove Toxic Substances that Affect the Metabolism

  • Weak organs cannot process toxins effectively, especially if the body is low in nutrients.  After the first two steps, your body is more able to rid toxins.
  • In this step, therapeutic cleansing treatments are used to encourage proper metabolic functions.  Treatments may include far-infrared sauna, lymphatic vibration therapy, colon hydrotherapy and herbal medicines.


Step Four – Incorporate A Food Plan that Optimizes your Metabolic Type

  • Tests will help determine your metabolic type, and which foods optimize your metabolism.  A food plan is presented.


Step Five – Support the Mind & Body with Healthy Perspectives on Stress and Body Image, Improve Sleep, and Promote Mental-Emotional Balance


Monitoring progress on a regular basis and addressing pitfalls is fundamental to ensure a successful outcome.

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