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Being Good to Yourself

February is a be-good-to-yourself month.  It also just happens to be Heart Health Month.  I have found that many people do not know what being good to yourself means.  Most think it’s treating yourself, to reward yourself, and this is not wrong, and can be part of the idea.  I feel taking care of yourself literally means taking care of your Self, the whole you, what you are in totality, mind, body and spirit.  It means to consciously examine and observe where you are at in your life (see Building Awareness in my January topic), and to care for all parts.  Practically, this ‘caring’ can look like any of the following:

-Work on what will nourish you.  Will it be healthier food, such as from the local Organic Market (  Or, to nurture your soul, with positive thoughts, images, and art.  Perhaps it is observing and acknowledging that the life you are living is actually beautiful, and or that you can make it more so.  Taking an art course helps to let yourself express in creative ways that you may never have realized possible.

-Treat your self well, like a best friend or guest in your home, with kind words and laughter, positive thoughts, and tenderness

-Take care of your body, and customize your diet to optimize your metabolism.  We offer a new German program, now available in Canada, called “Healthy and Active.”  I have used it successfully to help my patients balance their body to a healthy weight.  Check

-In a simpler way to help yourself look and feel good, get toxin-free aesthetic services at Alma Natural Spa.   

-Get onto one of our Naturopathic Wellness Programs – to detoxify, improve your digestion, etc.  These programs get at the heart of healthier lifestyles and ways to improve your inherent natural functions for good current and future health.




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