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Six Healthy Summer Travel Tips

Whether you are driving up North to go camping, flying overseas, or visiting family out of town, I have compiled some useful tips below, for safe and healthy travel.
1. Before any travel, make sure you give your immune system some support.  Simple things can really help your immune system function better, for at least one week before you travel: avoid sweets including fruit juices; eat your veggies; be more generous with ginger and garlic; eat your mushrooms – eg: shiitake, oyster, even white button can increase your body’s defences against microorganisms; eat fermented foods like yoghurt, kimchi, beet kvass to build your intestinal immune health.
2. Bring a natural first aid kit.  In addition to the basic medical components, add other important naturopathic parts: homeopathic “arnica 30CH” – helpful against  painful minor traumas and even jet lag; peppermint essential oil – helpful to keep you refreshed, rubbed on the belly or your temples it can help against tummy aches and headaches, and even nausea.  Call our office to get your naturopathic first aid kit add-ons.
3. Keep cool and hydrated.  It’s important to drink water, dilute juices and herbal teas to beat the effects of high summer temperatures. Cool soups like gazpacho and adding mint leaf to your meals/beverages helps keep your body cool.  For a twist, try making gazpacho with watermelon and cucumber instead of tomato.
4. Take a multivitamin.  Depending on how fragile your health is, make sure you at least take a good multivitamin while on your trip.  Remember, you may not be in full control of your diet while out of town, so a daily multivitamin makes sense.
5. Be sun saavy and care for your skin.  There’s debate on the benefits and risks of sun exposure with all the benefits of vitamin D, balanced with the fears of skin cancers, yet also the questions surrounding the safety of chemicals found in sunscreens.  To learn more, read my article on skin health, including my section on sunscreens, and how to get the benefit of the sun while avoiding overexposure.
6. Build in nature time on your vacation for true calm and relaxation.  Vacations can be stressful with all the unknown places to explore, honking cars, lineups, keeping an eye on the kids and wondering when and where your next meal will come.  Try to build in a few days of calm time in nature: perhaps gentle hiking, taking in fresher air and beautiful views, and looking at all the wonderful shapes the clouds can make, while listening to the advice from the babbling brooks.
For more information, or to book a naturopathic assessment and treatment program to improve your overall health, call 905-597-7201.

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