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These 2009 research studies reviewed the important, thyroid-affecting pollutants found in our everyday environment.  It admits that the developing fetus and infants are particularly susceptible since they need adequate thyroid hormones for their normal neurodevelopment.

Thyroid-disrupting Chemicals:

-Perchlorate – found in tap water; from rocket fuel

-PFOA – in non-stick and stain/water-repellant products

-Triclosan – anti-bacterial ingredient in hand sanitizers, toys, and many products

-Fluoride – found in tap water, tooth paste

-Nitrate – in tap water from runoff from agricultural sewage and fertilizer use

-Bisphenol-A – in hard (number 7) plastics, white food can liners, toys, dentistry

-Thiocyanate – cigarette smoke, cassava, Brassica vegetables,

-PCBs – banned, though still appears in the animal food chain

-PBDEs – flame retardants found in many household products and clothing, dust and high fat animal foods; proven to delay fertility

-Isoflavones – in legumes, especially in soybeans

-Organochlorine pesticides


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