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Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Studies & Testimonials

These case studies (click on the headings below) have been published in the world wide medical literature/journals. They are meant to provide evidence of the value of natural medicine based therapeutics. These perspectives and treatments are recommended to be explored alongside competent naturopathic medical consultation and assessment. Many of the assessments and therapies involved are available at our clinic.

Alzheimer’s Disease, MCI & Other Dementia’s

Autism – ADHD Spectrum, Learning Disorders


Cardiovascular Case Studies

Digestive System Illnesses

Endocrinology (diabetes, thyroid, adrenal, ovarian, etc.)

Fertility / Infertility / Reproduction

Parkinson’s Disease

Environmental Illness (Detoxification)

Multiple Sclerosis

Mental Illness

Dermatological (Skin) Problems

Geriatrics / Gerontology / Aging

Immunological Problems (including infections, autoimmunity, etc.)

Musculoskeletal Problems (bone, muscle, pain disorders)

Obesity and Weight Management

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