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Oil Dispersion Hydrotherapy

Oil Dispersion Hydrotherapy

Oil Dispersion Hydrotherapy is an approach to incorporating the healing properties of water and its movement with the healing properties of an individually selected essential oil.

Each essential oil has unique characteristics that have particular healing effects on the body organism. For instance, arnica oil helps with traumas and pain, thyme can help with immunity, chamomile can assist with digestion, rosemary can benefit blood glucose control, high blood pressure and joint pain, etc. Besides the physical effects of essential oils, they also have deeper mental and emotional effects: thyme benefits the memory and can assist those with depression, rosemary helps reduce mental fatigue promoting mental awareness.

The ideal way to absorb the essential oil, is in combination, through the skin and by inhalation. However, most essential oils can irritate the skin. The oil-dispersion unit (see picture below) solves this problem as it finely disperses the essential oil into the bath water, so the oils spreads evenly throughout the entire bath water (and not in large droplets). In the fine misted form, the oil can easily absorb into the skin and is also volatile to inhale through your nose.

The dispersion unit and the hydrotherapy was developed in 1937 by Werner Junge, a German Hydrotherapist working from Rudolph Steiner’s ideas.

The naturopathic doctor will select the best oil to incorporate into your oil bath. The treatment takes approximately twenty minutes and is followed by a rest phase while wrapped in wool blankets under dim lighting. The oil-bath is a very deep acting treatment that induces relaxation, detoxification, promotes healing and enlivens the entire body, mind and spirit. It is commonly recommended for fatigue, metabolic problems, skin disorders, high blood pressure, insomnia, etc.  Read more.

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