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Detoxification Therapy

Detoxification Therapy

You need nutrition to heal but also a clean internal body, free of toxic accumulations. Excess toxic elements in your body block the proper activity of your nutrients and can inhibit your normal biochemical and hormonal signals. Detoxification therapy is an organized system of determining your sources of toxicity (based on hair/blood/urine tests as well as screening questionnaires) and then promoting their safe elimination from the body. This is important as a therapy for many symptoms and illnesses and also as a prevention-based way to reduce the chances of developing future illness. Detoxification or cleansing therapies may include far-infrared sauna therapy, custom supplementation of nutrients and herbal extracts and teas, hydrotherapies, skin applications, oil-dispersion baths and colon hydrotherapy. Each type has its own benefits and will be recommended by the naturopathic doctor.

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