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Healthy Child Development

Healthy Child Development

Environment or Genetics?

This is the age-old question of what contributes to what our children become as they develop and mature.  Of course, the answer is that both contribute, however, what we see as our ‘environment’ is quite broad and this is where we have the greatest influence.  For instance, emotional state, hormone levels, diet and chemical exposures are all part of the developing fetus/infant/child’s environment – they all influence the activation or inhibition of different genes in their DNA…which influences maturity, puberty, cognitive function, risk of mental illness, etc.

What a naturopathic doctor can do to promote healthy development

Essentially, naturopathic doctors (NDs) can improve your parental environmnent, to improve the environment the child is exposed to.  Understanding this environment means understanding your emotional wellbeing (both parents as well as those very close to the child), assessing the quality of your home environment (eg: presence of mould, stored chemicals, etc.), hormonal state, the nutritional and toxin makeup of each parent (through nutrition and toxicity tests).

The good news about development…

…we can influence and improve your environment(s):

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