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Detox / Cleanse Workshops

For a pro-active, hands-on, experiential, seasonally-oriented detox workshop to learn about regular cleansing of the body and mind, for individuals and family preventative health, join naturopathic doctor, Rahim Habib ND, at his seasonal detox workshops (call for 2016 workshop dates).  Each workshop educates participants on:

  • Current and significant sources of toxicity
  • How our body handles toxins
  • Effects of toxins on the body, childhood development, environment
  • How to avoid toxin exposures
  • Important lifestyle and product choices
  • Natural ways to help cleanse these toxins out of the body, including cleansing foods, herbs, hydrotherapy, saunas, and other advanced methods  including acupressure & acupuncture, homeopathy, intravenous nutrition, enema’s & colon hydrotherapy, etc.

Whether you are interested in optimizing your health, preventing illness, addressing existing illness, or cleansing prior to conceiving a baby, this course offers important information and teaches fundamental skills for improved health overall.

Workshop earlybird fee is only $100.00 (+HST), and includes cleansing meals, snacks and teas, notes, and materials for on-site detox routines.

Call our office at 905-597-7201, to reserve your seat at our next detox workshop.  A deposit is required.


Children’s Yoga Class

Children’s brains grow throughout their lives and absorb all the physical, mental-emotional and environmental influences, some within our control, and some not in our power. In this fast paced world, slowing down with yoga helps children be in the moment and experience the joys from within.
Benefits of Yoga for Children:

·      Teaches children how to access calmness
·      Balance, coordination, strength, and fluidity in movement
·      Improves self-esteem and confidence
·      Improves focus & clarity of thought
Instructors:  Ms. Anaar Shariff   BScN, R.N.
Infant & Child Development Consultant & Yoga Instructor
Age: Young Children to Preteens (6-11 years approximately)
Cost:  $80
Location:  Four Seasons Naturopathic Wellness
305 Carrville Rd, Richmond Hill (near Hillcrest Mall)
Dates:  Four weekend classes, starting Sunday July 7, 2013, 10am
Register Call 905-597-7201
Please note that capacity is limited
Cleanse and Detox Workshop – Come and Learn how to cleanse/detox in this 5-hour hands-on and fun workshop.  June 24th, 2012.  Early bird deadline is June 9th, at only $100.
Sunrise Yoga with Barbara
Tuesday and Friday mornings at 6:30am - at rear of building.
Yoga for your Heart and Mind Yoga is used therapeutically for deep rest 
of the body and mind.
 This makes it especially valuable as an antidote to stress,
and other related issues like insomnia or anxiety.
Yoga is a direct antidote to stress… 
The “fight-or-flight” response (a.k.a. the stress response) was once rudimentary to our very survival.  Now, though we share the same physiology with our ancient human ancestors, this fight-or-flight response has become maladaptive as we are increasingly living in a state of low-grade or elevated stress, attempting to meet ever-increasing pressures, demands and change without ever stopping to replenish depleted resources.
About the Instructor:
Barbara Anderson is a Certified Kripalu yoga teacher for over 5 years
Dates & Times & Location:
Classes run Tuesday & Friday mornings,
6:30-7:30am starting August 5th.
The class will be conducted outdoors in a peaceful setting at
305 Carrville Rd, Richmond Hill, Ontario.
Single class $14.00, 5 classes $60
Register:  Call 905-597-7201 OR Barbara at 416-527-4222
To Bring: yoga mat, blanket, water, your smile.
Please note that capacity is limited
No experience with yoga is necessary.
You will enjoy a practice that strengthens the immune system, calms the nervous system, invigorates and refreshes a tired mind and body and enhances relaxation and well-being

Coming of Age Program –  for young girls, most Sundays 2-4pm.This is a long overdue program to help our little women learn and realize the wisdom of womanhood.

October 19th, 2009

Clean Parents, Clean Baby Course (Pre-conception Cleanse)

An interactive 6-week course that helps prepare a couple before conception to promote a healthy pregnancy and early childhood, in addition to improving fertility.Topics include naturopathic nutrition, detoxification/cleansing before conception, environmental toxin effects on fertility and fetal/child health, healthy product choices, promoting mental-emotional health before and during pregnancy, etc.Only $99, includes handouts.

Summer Cleanse & Detox Workshop learn details on detoxification (what, when, why, where, how), and experience sample cleansing exercises, and cleansing meals and teas.  Informative handouts are also provided.  Call ahead to register, only $100.00.  Seats are limited to this popular workshop. Call 905-597-7201.

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